TMS Bingo

Dog-walking story

Scott ate something he shouldn't have

Kim's out of town, Scott eats junk

Scott Does Analogies

Fish Sandwich

Audio issue

Brian Impression

Scott/Brian Ignores Tadpool

Gyllenhaal or Jyllenhaal?

Scott's Dream

Kitty sighting

Scott hates a word


Van Update


Scott Does Words

News story involving poop

Scott makes up a name. (example: "cumberfart monkeybunch")

Scott shouts "Dangit!"

gknee says start the show

JuRY pushes Scott's buttons

a Van story

Nightbot fails to submit your title

Blatant euphemism

Soundboard Roulette

How to play: Keep track by clicking on a square. Click one by accident? Just click again.
Don't like you're squares? Refresh the page. But don't refresh if you like them or they are gone forever!

Submit your own squares! Go nuts!

Cobbled together during TMS 1755 by @biocow.