TMS Bingo

Scott being a germaphobe

Gyllenhaal or Jyllenhaal?

Scott hangs up on someone

Scott forgets to add the songs

Nightbot fails to submit your title

Scott's Dream

Scott can't find the sound clip

You know they've got talent

Tadpool distracts Scott/Brian

Scott says "Wiener"

Scott/Brian complain about their sons

Jury's Sound is Busted


YouTube Violation

Blatant euphemism

Gilbutt Gottfred

Audio issue

Scott Flubs the opening

Plaisure, as Scott's dad would say

Kim appears with breakfast

Show-Stopping Technical Difficulties

Skype Doesn't Work

Crazy Neighbors

gknee says start the show

Scott Does Geography

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Cobbled together during TMS 1755 by @biocow.