TMS Bingo

Scott talks about dead people

JuRY pushes Scott's buttons

Brian Impression

Tales from the movie theater

Scott hates on Hallmark Channel movies

Scott pulls a johnson

Scott forgets to add the songs

Tadpool distracts Scott/Brian

Scott's Korean Siblings

Scott fixates on a real or imaginary physical attribute on a celebrity

You know they've got talent

Scott gets grossed out


Scott Does Math

Kim's out of town, Scott eats junk

No one can remember that celebrity's name


Brian mentions Lyfting

Scott Forgot

Van Update

Stranger shouts some random thing at Scott


Mad Max Fury Road

Skype Doesn't Work

Discord problems

How to play: Keep track by clicking on a square. Click one by accident? Just click again.
Don't like you're squares? Refresh the page. But don't refresh if you like them or they are gone forever!

Submit your own squares! Go nuts!

Cobbled together during TMS 1755 by @biocow.